Each year independent organisations nominate the best equipment from different categories of digital imaging products released in Europe during the preceding months.

Nikon’s range of best-in-class products are chosen all over the world for their quality, variety and overall performance. Nikon continues to develop excellent products in its ambition to be the manufacturer and partner of choice for photographers at all levels. The awards underpin Nikon’s leadership position in high-end photography and recognise the company’s continued pursuit of excellence.




Die DIWA (Digital Imaging Websites Association) ist eine internationale Vereinigung unabhängiger Websites, die auf Digitalfotografie und digitale Bildverarbeitung spezialisiert sind. Die Organisation bündelt die gesamte fachliche Kompetenz ihrer Mitglieder und nutzt diese, um maßgebende, neutrale und zuverlässige Testberichte zu veröffentlichen.

Die DIWA-Awards in Gold, Silber und Bronze werden im Laufe eines Jahres für herausragende und besonders empfehlenswerte Produkte verliehen. Am Ende des Jahres begutachtet eine Expertenkommission alle Gewinner eines DIWA-Awards in Gold erneut und wählt die Produkte aus, die einen »Best Of The Best«-Platinum-Award verdienen. Diese Auszeichnung gewinnen nur besonders verdiente Preisträger: So müssen beispielsweise bei Digitalkameras mehr als 200 Details geprüft, getestet und bewertet werden.




The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) is the largest editorial multimedia organization in Europe. Member magazines are specialists in the Audio, Mobile Electronics, Video and Photo arenas and are spread across Europe.

Every June, the editors-in-chief from all EISA member publications meet to decide which of the products analyzed in their publications over the preceding year deserve a coveted EISA Award. The EISA adopts a flexible approach towards its Awards and categories are not simply repeated year-on-year. Instead, the EISA Awards strive to reflect the marketplace and categories may be dropped or added to reflect market trends.




The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) was founded in 1991 and is an organization of independent photo and imaging magazines from across Europe.

The annual TIPA Awards focus specifically on photo and imaging products. Members meet once a year to discuss projects, share opinions, and comment on industry innovations and trends. During these three-day meetings, TIPA editors vote by secret ballot for the best photo and imaging products in Europe. Products are judged based on quality, performance and value. The annual TIPA Awards are generally recognized as being one of Europe’s most prestigious accolades for professional imaging products.